Guest Post: Suffering and the Grace of God

Real honesty and wisdom here from one of priests in the diocese, Alasdair Coles, as he and we confront not just suffering but its structural place in creation. Thank you Alasdair!

Science and Belief

9195512403_d9a74aabe9_oSecuencia de AND by Pablo Gonzalez. Flickr. (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Most weeks in my work as an immunologist, I am faced with the reality of our evolutionary origins. Someone will give a talk, describing the function of this or that receptor in humans and – in passing – will mention that the same receptor is seen in bacteria. Or (hoorah!) we find that an antibody, created to identify a protein in rats, nicely targets the same protein in human cells. Or an online search to identify a human DNA sequence ends up with a piece of armadillo DNA as the closest match (yes that did happen!)

1024px-Tree_of_life_SVG.svgTree of life By Ivica Letunic: Iletunic. Retraced by Mariana Ruiz Villarreal: LadyofHats [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons But as a Christian, I am troubled by Darwinian evolution. What does it say of the character of God? On the face of it, God…

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