Shining with the light of Jesus at Oakington

2016-01-10 18.16.13-12016-01-10 18.16.44-1

A spooky picture as I arrived at Oakington this evening for a late Epiphany evensong and dedication of some further work to keep the weather out of the north aisle – and one of the choir rehearsing their excellent anthems.

2016-01-10 18.17.47

The actual work is more or less invisible from the inside – taking out old “hard” pointing and the like – but in a good cause. All the same, all building work brings a danger: the danger that we will luxuriate behind it and neglect the spiritual life it is supposed to encourage, and then find that like hard pointing it has done more harm than good. So I preached on the need to let not just the building but our lives shine with Christ’s light, “manifesting Christ to the Gentiles” today.

I did quite a bit of looking-in-the-eye as I did it. More and more I come to see that it is only when real actual people find changes in their real actual lives that the “kingdom comes”. I hope it starts with me.