Mike Booker’s New Book

I’ve just finished reading Mike’s new book. Well, Mike and Mark’s, but Mike’s one of us so he gets the star billing from me.

It’s a really useful survey of all the conundrums of evangelism (growing the church or growing people? strategy or spontaneity …) which is always balanced and helpful; plus reflections on the various resources such as Alpha and Messy Church that parishes use.

I reckon it would make a good book for a deanery chapter or benefice team to read through together, giving them information but also starting discussion on what has helped or could help in their local situation, and how those paradoxes can best be balanced in situ.

And of course, you could invite the author to come and address you too!

It’s so good that we have people amongst in our diocese who can write and resource us like this. Use it! And enjoy …