Good News from Hinchingbrooke Hospital

2016-01-07 15.39.25_thumb[1]

I visited the chaplaincy team and wider hospital at Hinchingbrooke today. What a great bunch of people they all are – the team members above (an officially excellent service led by the excellent Scot Watts), the new CEO Lance McCarthy, his senior team and those in the wards and departments front-of-house and back.

Yet again the hospital is subject to various reviews and studies and of course folk are anxious, but what struck me there as it has before is that Hinchingbrooke is THERE, a local hospital for local people (and whatever the shape of the future they’re going to need it), and the people there CARE – in spades.

We celebrated the Eucharist together a team for the hospital, celebrating and claiming Christ’s loving presence for them, and in this Epiphanytide remembered that in this one season we remember Christ’s birth, revealed to the Magi, his Baptism, and the start of his ministry, memorably turning water in wine at a wedding. In the same way, to be a Christian is to be straight into ministering to others, healing the sick, visiting those in need and all the rest.

And we do that when the going is tough. Jesus’ ministry started when he heard that John the Baptist had been arrested. Perhaps he was anxious too, but he knew his call was to be THERE and to CARE. It’s the same for us today.