Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Materialism and the Value of Conscious Life

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Ordered Universe

IMG_2881Apart from the time devoted to collaborative reading sessions during Ordered Universe Symposia, there is also room for broader conversation and exchange of ideas. These conversations are very interesting and maybe also quite unusual, as they represent a rare instance of academics from very different disciplines being brought together. Interdisciplinary discussions are challenging in many ways and they require trust and respect on both sides. It is wonderful to see how during Ordered Universe Symposia, an atmosphere of open-mindedness and friendliness is all around so that this kind of true interdisciplinary exchange becomes possible.

IMG_1932Another reason for why interdisciplinary discussions can be challenging is that sometimes different disciplines approach the same issue from very different angles, with different underlying assumptions and goals. In such instances, it can be difficult to understand why the other party has qualms with what one the other considers completely unproblematic. Nonetheless, these situations bear the potential to…

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