Unity in Diversity

The first of two very thoughtful reflection pieces by Ulrike Nowak, one of the younger scholars on the project, from Germany.

Ordered Universe

IMG_404205125th – 28th November 2015, Durham, UK. A group of around 25 people gather for another symposium on the scientific writings of the 13th century English bishop Robert Grosseteste. It’s the first symposium under the umbrella of the generous AHRC grant that started in October. Whilst most academic conferences bring together experts from more or less the same subject area, this symposium is different. Its attendants span the academic disciplines from medieval history to modern vision science, from Middle English to computational cosmology, from church history to physics and applied mathematics, and from linguistics and acoustics to music composition. Diversity applies not only to academic but also to cultural backgrounds, as people from the UK are joined by colleagues from Italy, Norway, Ireland, Germany, and from Lebanon and the USA. The Ordered Universe Project celebrates this diversity, and this was also evident from the symposium IMG_0177A.III.12programme. In addition to the…

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