Another hymn to Picardy

Both Ally Barrett (see previous blog reposting hers) seem to like the haunting tune Picardy. Here is a version of Psalm 139 I wrote to it many years ago (also blogged in 2009):

You have searched me Lord and you know me,
You know when I sit and I stand.
You perceive my thoughts as I form them,
You know all my words as they’re planned.
You discern my daily goings out and in,
You hold all my ways in your hand.

Where then can I hide from your Spirit?
Where is there to flee from your face?
Though I seek out heaven or the hell-pit
You are there throughout time and space.
Though I rise up on the wings of the dawn,
‘Still your hand gives me tight embrace.

If I say the darkness will hide me
And the light be night dark as may,
Even darkness will not be dark then,
And the night will shine as the day.
For all darkness is as light to you,
Lord who breathed life into my clay.

You have made my innermost being,
In my mother’s womb you wove me;
Watched my unformed body framing,
Wonderfully, fearfully me.
All my days ordained were written in your book
Before one of them came to be.

Search me then O God and know me,
Test my anxious thoughts with your gaze.
Forge me free from all that is evil,
Faithfully to serve all my days.
Lead me Father, Son and Holy Spirit, one,
In your everlasting ways.