Hugh Palmer’s Christmas Message on the One Show

Interviewer – Charity really does bring different religions together, doesn’t it?
Hugh – I think so. I mean, Shah and I are were chatting before the show and he was telling me how charitable giving is one of the pillars of his Islamic faith. It’s central to Christian living. Something like Children in Need appeals to our common humanity, I think. I mean that was a phenomenal total, and I suspect that the people who gave came form all faiths and none.
Interviewer – and that’s at the heart of the Christmas message that you’d like to give.
Hugh – Well, it is really. I mean, we sometimes talk about charity beginning at home. I think real charity probably begins with God (Muslim boy, Shah, nods enthusiastically), the generous, good God, who’s highlighted at Christmas. I mean he looks, and doesn’t just see children in need, but a world with all kinds of needs, and gives extravagantly – and not a cheque, but he gives himself – Jesus. And that’s the heartbeat of Christian giving. We don’t give so that God’ll give to us – we give, we love because he first loved us: that’s Christmas.
Interviewer – And a merry Christmas to you
Hugh – and to you!

One Show, 18-12-2015 about 27 mins in at

Thanks to Mike Booker for the transcript