Three in One: or the Dodgson Challenge Accepted

Back in the old days, I’d regularly do the three-in-one run on a Sunday: early service in one church, mid-morning in a second, and 11-something in a third. Nowadays intend to just get invited to the Big One; and anyway I’m getting old, and bishop’s robes just take SO long to get off and on… 

So it was with some trepidation that I accepted the Dodgson Challenge, from Geoff D., lay minister in a Benefice between vicars, to do the traditional run and take the services at Conington, Lolworth and  Svavesey back-to-back. They were very kind and provided a pass-the-bishop chauffeur service as well as forgiving me all my sins (each church of course makes a point of Doing Things Differently, some of which I was told about and some of which …). And a very decent lunch indeed at Geoff and Rosemary’s was a most pleasant reward.

A good reminder too of what so many of our clergy and lay ministers do week in week out: good on them I say!

Photos: the beginning and the end – Conington at dawn and coffee at Swavesey (with the organist: note the musical tie!).

5 thoughts on “Three in One: or the Dodgson Challenge Accepted

  1. Oh yes, the bug bear of all who are helping the visitor. The visiting priest who says, “Just do what you usually do”! “And would you like to know what that is?” one says under one’s breath. Oh, and of course, just turn up at five minutes to. Not including you, I’m sure!

    • “Half an hour before” was drummed into me as a curate. And when I ask how a church “does” its service, the response is often also “Oh the usual way bishop…” and I’m afraid my subsequent questioning is not sotto voce!

  2. Thank you for posting my photo and stressing the tie – I can now confess my sin that morning where I played the Gloria instead of the Kyrie for Advent! I put it down to old age, forgetfulness and excitement that the bishop was there and moving straight instead of diagonally. Lovely to see you – Dick Lingham.

    • The Kyrie was clearly marked in the order of service as optional for Advent so there is no sin to be forgiven. And you played beautifully anyway. Thankyou!

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