Committing Simony at Stapleford


So what happens in the vestry before a service? We had a great time last night at St Andrew’s Stapleford, putting Rev Simon Taylor in (left) as Associate Priest, to work with Rev Simon Talbott (middle) of Great Shelford – and share in local partnership too with Rev Simon Scott at Little Shelford. I rather think a local free church minister is another Simon too – so Simony is definitely being committed. Next time I go expect they’ll be singing songs by Paul Simon or avoiding them by follolwing the example of St Simon Stylites and taking to living on pillars. (The chap on the right is Archdeacon Alex; sorry.)

To make up for all this nominal Christianity (sorry again) here are the smiling faces of the choir who sang very nicely for us indeed.



4 thoughts on “Committing Simony at Stapleford

  1. I’m sure you and I put on a cardigan and turn down the heating. We don’t expect to wear summer clothes all year. But many people do. And they have no realistic alternative to using the car, because they have no outdoor clothes, no decent coat and no good shoes. Dashing from house to car, and then car to office is normal. And then we build houses and shops on flood-let land. And we expect that if there is a flood barrier, then that’s fine. But it usually means the water backs up up-stream or cascades down. A simply huge change in mind-set is required.

  2. It’s so sad. And the rose-tintedness of the flood height calculations for the defences is all too obvious. Climate change is not just a threat for Pacific islands and sub-Saharan villages. Time for action.

  3. They thought Cockermouth had avoided the worst earlier this afternoon. But apparently not. Dreadful.

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