The Problem of Pain: Brain imaging and religion

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Science and Belief

Neuron_in_tissue_culture (1) Cortical neuron By GerryShaw (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons From sea slugs to humans, pain is one of the living world’s oldest and most shared experiences. Pain keeps us alive, and helps us avoid further hurt. To understand another person’s pain we have to make a guess based on what we can see, and our own experiences of being hurt. Is this child making a fuss or has he actually broken his leg? How do I react when my friend doubles up after dinner? Even our own feelings of pain are influenced by our culture and upbringing. When I have acute pain in my abdomen should I visit the doctor, take a tablet, or have a cup of tea?

Last Friday, Professor Irene Tracey, spoke at the Faraday Institute about Imaging States in Pain and Religion. Tracey is the Nuffield Professor of Anaesthetic…

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