Churchmanship in Cambridgeshire

That one man statistics machine Peter Brierley ( sends out regular number-crunching briefings which I find very useful. In with the latest bundle was a table of stats  on churchgoers by county.

Buried in there was a set of 2005 figures giving a breakdown by “churchmanship”. Now there’s a word that’s starting to feel quite old-fashioned 10 years on, partly because it is gendered, but also because the old labels don’t always work well now.

Nevertheless, I was struck by the stat that 50% of Cambridgeshire churchgoers declared as “evangelical”, the highest outside London (54%) as compared with a national figure of 40%. These are all denominations by the way, not just Anglicans.

I’m not sure what to read into this, if anything, but it did stand out. Cromwell’s legacy lives on? Cambridge student churches? Becoming a London satellite? Anyway, hooray for all the traditions, and our gloriously multi-coloured C of E. 

One thought on “Churchmanship in Cambridgeshire

  1. Chimes with more recent surveys we have done of our own congregation, however I wonder if a similar ratio is also reflected in the worship offerings of the Cambridgeshire churches? It’s a struggle to get there in my locality…

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