Wisdom from Williams (and a Little Monk)

Very full house in Ely as our great team of spiritual accompaniers sit at the feet of one Rowan Williams on Spiritual Direction today. He is introducing us to one of his old friends Madeleine Delbrel, author of The Little Monk: Wisdom from a Lttle Friend of Big Faith, a book he says lives on his desk and has dipped into daily for wisdom. I’ll be ordering a copy!

So many quotes: “Don’t call touchiness in your neighbour what you call sensitivity in yourself.”

“Wear the shoes of others, don’t force them to wear yours.”

“How fortunate the community who has an incompetent leader – when he leads them to God.”

“Living with you may be enough of a penance for someone else for someone to get into heaven.”

“When you are on retreat sleep is a necessary activity. But it is a good idea to do some other things as well.”

A short prayer to be repeated often: “My God, if you are everywhere, why am I so often somewhere else.”


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  1. Thank you, Bishop David,unfortunately I was unable to be at the gathering today but have just ordered The Little Monk by Madeleine Delbrel which I am sure I will find helpful.

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