Full English Faith

2015-11-07 09.21.12

Many thanks to the combined forces of the Women’s and Men’s Breakfasts at Ramsey for inviting me to speak and share their fare today and then staying on for a teaching morning for over 20 of us on the Holy Spirit in church. My breakfast theme was about making a confident response when folk drop their presuppositions and prejudices on us like science has disproved religion, Jesus didn’t really exist, and religion just causes war. I am pleased to report that there was not a Kalishnikov in sight and civil society faces no danger from the Ramsey Religionists – in fact they are a notable force for good in their local community, and surely the best antidote to the times when religion does go wrong is not no religion (because it ain’t going to disappear anyway) but good religion. BTW, 10 historians out of 10 will agree that the evidence for Jesus existing as a real historical person is as good as it gets, and what science shows us about reality complements rather than contradicts faith: it’s a bit shorthand, but the one shows us how things happens and speaks of material fact, the other shows us why they happen and speaks of spiritual value. Our new grandson Joseph is undoubtedly an evolved molecular organism, but he is also loved by us to bits.