New Church Wedding Website launched

Screenshot 2015-11-04 14.52.05

All ye vicars and other church wedding admin people: click on the link and have a look. The C of E is getting seriously good at supporting our wedding ministry.


2 thoughts on “New Church Wedding Website launched

  1. I wish we had been warned about this change to the web site. The new-look site means that ceremonies planned and saved before November 2015 cannot now be accessed, including that of a fictional couple which I use to demonstrate the capabilities of the site to wedding couples. Not only that but I can’t remember my password (it’s never asked me for that before), and when I click on “forgotten password” it asks for my email address. I’ve tried all the email addresses I have worked with since 2008 and it doesn’t recognise any of them. The web site, which has run, I think, from 2008 was very good. I’m not sure about the new site. I think it will be more difficult to find my way around… if and when I can access it!

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