Theos Newsletter November 2015

Welcome to this month’s content packed newsletter. We enter Autumn with an exciting line-up of events and material.

We’ve enjoyed seeing so many of you at our recent events, including the Annual Lecture on Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Religion given by Baroness O’Neill of Bengarve. We’ve also enjoyed meeting lots of new people. Thank you for connecting with us.

You can catch up on everything you’ve missed and upcoming events, including several outside London (some people have asked “when will you do more events outside of London?” – hopefully, the limits of a small team notwithstanding, we are rectifying this: check out details below.)

We’ve also been active providing a credible, constructive Christian voice in the mainstream media, including The Economist, The Telegraph, The World Service and BBC Radio 4.

Don’t forget that Theos Friends and Associates come to all the events for free.

Enjoy, connect with us via social media, and see you next month.


The Problem of Proselytism

Why are concerns about proselytism so persistent? How should faith-based organisations respond? Read our latest report and hear Paul Bickley discuss the report on BBC Radio 4. We’re holding a day conference on these issues on 2 December.

Theos Annual Lecture

Baroness Onora O’Neill, Chair of the EHRC, gave this year’s Annual Lecture, on freedom of religion and freedom of expression. Listen to the speech, read the text and see the media coverage.

Churchill 2015 Global Leadership Programme

Theos contributed to the Faith and Religion panel on the Churchill programme on leadership. Read Ben Ryan’s essay on religious identity as a challenge for leadership in the 21st century. Read the panel’s final report here and watch a discussion of it here.

Event: Faith, Wisdom and Science

What’s wrong with the present “science and religion” debate? Tom McLeish will challenge popular assumptions at the Theos office. 26 November, register here.

Theos Team Blog

On the blog this month we ask who should pay for access to justice, discuss the Fair Admissions Campaign that never was, and delve into the UK’s immigration detention centres

Influence the Public Debate

Join the Friends Programme and receive all our upcoming reports and invites to our events before they are open to public. The programme is designed specifically for you to be engaged in the current debate.

The Mighty & the Almighty

How do politicians around the world ‘do God’? From next month, Theos will be publishing a series of essays looking at how major political leaders worldwide have used (or abused) their Christian faith in public and political life. Watch this space!

Catch up on Theos Events

Hear the recent debate on ‘Does Humanism Need Christianity?’ or catch up via the live tweets. If you missed ‘A Place of Refuge’ with Tobias Jones, you can listen back or view the Twitter story.

Deal or No Deal: Win a Theos Report

The Chancellor has announced that the UK will guarantee a £2 billion deal under which China will invest in the Hinkley Point nuclear power station. Should we allow China to build nuclear power plants in the UK? Tell us what you think in this quick poll for a chance to receive a free Theos report.

Event: is the Bible a bridge or a barrier to democracy?

The International Bible Advocacy Centre and Christians in Parliament are holding the event on 30 November. Nick Spencer will be speaking. Find out more here.

Theos in the Media

This month Elizabeth Oldfield featured on BBC Radio 4 and BBC World Service and Nick Spencer was quoted in The Economist. You can also catch up on coverage of our Annual Lecture from The Telegraph and others here.

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