From LICC: Reading the Bible through workers’ eyes

The Bible is God’s word to us. It tells us the story we are in: God’s story. But what does the Bible have to say about work in a 21st century context?

Moses gets talked about a lot when it comes to church leadership, but have we considered what he could teach us about rallying reluctant colleagues around a tough project?

We’ve probably all heard the story of Ruth and Boaz referenced in sermons about relationships or family life, but has it occurred to us that there is something to be gleaned from seeing how Boaz runs his business and treats his employees? How do we look at Nehemiah and his role as a senior civil servant? At the creation of the Ark and of the Tower of Babel as the first biblical construction projects?

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Once you’re in the app you’ll see that the rest of the content (unlockable for £4.99) is part of our group discipleship journey  Transforming Work. The journey takes you through eight work-related topics, such as how to build good working relationships, how to apply biblical values in your job, how to shape your workplace culture and how to talk to colleagues about faith. It also has seven ‘Reading the Bible through workers’ eyes’ studies that dive deeper into key characters and stories and their relevance for the 21st century workplace.

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Mission and ministry opportunities abound in the workplace and it’s our prayer that Transforming Work will encourage and equip you to be an agent of transformation for Christ in whatever job he has called you into.

The LICC team