Wooden congregation at Wiggenhall St Germans? Not a bit of it …

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My church crawl on Monday with the Friends of the Fitzwilliam Museum made its second stop at Wiggenhall St German’s. (St Germanus was a strong opponent of the Pelagian Heresy which we Brits are supposed to be prone too – i.e. believing we can save ourselves by our own efforts. Perhaps that’s why it’s such a rare dedication…)

The church, like Wiggenhall St Mary Virgin, has a fine collection of late mediaeval pew-ends with charming figures. Happily the congregation of today, despite their historic building, is not at all wooden, and the south aisle was laid out for Breakfast Church with rather charming gingham-clothed tables, for croissants to come. Well worth a visit if you’re feeling peckish on Sunday morning.