Waiting for worshippers at Wiggenhall St Mary Virgin

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Our third stop on Monday’s church crawl was to the church of St Mary the Virgin at Wiggenhall. This once rich and more populous area found itself with an embarrassment of ecclesiastical riches for the modern era, and thankfully the Churches Conservation Trust took this one on, and keeps it in good order now, still available for occasional worship but no longer a burden on the local congregation.

The fact that not only the pew ends but the pews themselves are high quality mediaeval survivals means that it would have been very hard to adapt to changing times, so the CCT is probably it best home, but what a difference it makes to visit a living church on the one hand and a conserved one on the other: one is movie, the other a snapshot; one is a family home, the other a museum. But a big thankyou to the CCT and it volunteers for keeping the church safe for us and for the future in an honourable retirement.