Stuffy folk at Tilney All Saints? Not a bit of it!

I enjoyed a rather special “day off” on Monday church crawling, as I often do,  but this time as a guest if the Firzwilliam Museum Friends, accompanying their tour of West Norfolk churches. We started at Tilney All Saints, where we were greeted by some very stuffy parishioners: the local school who have a close link to the church had been making scarecrows! The real parishioners and associate priest Barbara were a model of warmth and hospitality of course as we looked round what was a surprisingly grand church and a reminder that this part of Norfolk was once very rich land. The chancel in particular has a relatively rare set of mediaeval stalls, and would in the fifteenth century probably have boasted a full choral foundation. Today’s populations and church are not as grand, but there were lots of signs of life amidst the old artefacts from a book exchange to the history group serving us coffee to the class A loo to the scarecrows and the children  who made them. Top marks, Tilney!