A splendid morning at St Neot’s

One of the great strengths of the Church of England when it’s working well is its ability to bring together all sorts and conditions of folk into vibrant congregations and communities – and it was working really well at St Mary’s Church, St Neot’s this morning. A good sized congregation of all ages and many backgrounds was just the tip of the iceberg of all sorts of midweek groups and activities, as I learned over coffee afterwards. 

It’s the Feast of St Luke and we celebrated his account of how Jesus drew an equally wide company around him to “go deep” in their lives; how a whole congregation-full of them, 70 people, were called together and grew into the plural of disciples that we call church; and how they were then sent out to engage with the communities around them not in a threatening phalanx of with a pre-set script but to share good news and heal the sick. Brilliant.

And deepen, grow and engage are the key words of our diocesan strategy too…