Pilgrimage: Exploring Science and Theology outdoors

And here is a report on the Scientists in Congregations project in Scotland that we hope to roll out south of the border soon.

Science and Belief

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David Atikinson_largeI recently met someone who runs pilgrimage walks with a science and theology theme. At the Scientists in Congregations conference in St Andrews, I spoke to Revd Professor David Atkinson, a retired plant scientist who is now ordained in the Scottish Episcopal Church. In today’s podcast he explains what the pilgrimages are about, and what he has learned through running them (transcript below).

You are an unusual person because you studied both theology and science. Can you tell us a bit about that?

Well my Christian journey is longer than my science journey because I am one of those people who can never remember not being a Christian. From birth I have been a Christian, though that has had different expressions over the years. I studied biology in the 1960’s. I was very fortunate that I did a joint degree in biology at the University of…

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