Unexpected Consequences

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Did you know that Acts of Parliament are still printed on vellum? How quaint! And how obvious that with a sigh Parliament next Monday (19 Oct) will consider scrapping it to keep costs down.

But …

Only one parchmenter is left in the UK, William Cowleys. They are the only one in the world using traditional skills and tools, and supplying the vellum is 20% of their business. So, you say.

The trouble is, much of their other business is supplying skins to conservationists, bookbinders, museums and libraries. And doing it well. They were finalists in the Craft Skills Awards which were presented by The Prince of Wales in 2012. And if 20% of their business goes the other 80% could go with it.

Lord Laming is Chair of the Administration and Works Committee (contactholmember@parliament.uk) …


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  1. FYI vellum is from cows and goats, parchment from sheep. Cowleys’ website makes fascinating reading.

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