A Guided Tour of the Chateau d’Amour: with video clips

Mike is one of the collaborators with me on the Grossteste project and a fellow Middle English Man. And a great guy too. Does this sort of thing get anyone else’s juices going>

Ordered Universe

IMG_0065Last week, on Friday 9th October, Michael Huxtable gave his lecture ‘A Guided Tour of the Chateau d’Amour’ as the Annual Bishop Grosseteste Lecture, at Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln. The 9th, at least according to the Anglican canon, is the commemorative day for Grosseteste, and the lecture was given in collaboration with Lincoln Cathedral. Michael’s lecture, on Grosseteste’s wonderful, image-heavy, poem of the fall and redemption of humanity, could not have been more appropriate for the occasion. To a full auditorium in the Robert Hardy theatre, Michael presented a tour-de-force of learning and sensitive reading, placing the Anglo-Norman poem, its allegory of the Virgin Mary as Castle, and extended commentary on the redemption of creation, into a series of contexts.

These included the audience of the poem, with discussion of the most probable date (sometime in Grosseteste’s regency in theology, so late 1220s to 1235, according to Mackie, and…

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