War Cries–a new collection of prayers

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This well-judged and well-produced collection of prayers will be a useful addition to the formal C of E liturgical resources for the many military anniversaries that are coming up at the moment,

ISBN: 9780281073641
Publisher: SPCK Publishing
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The first ever collection of military prayers produced for a wide Christian readership.

War Cries is the first ever collection of prayers which reflects the faith experiences of Christians within a military context. It comprises 225 formal and informal prayers (from the Army, Navy and RAF, from civilian sources and other nations) which are presented in 7 chapters, each of which exposes a different aspect of military life. The prayers appear in a way that mirrors the military experience, beginning with the act of ˜joining-up” and ending with post-conflict reflection.
This structuring helps the reader join the recruits  “in mind and heart“ at the beginning of their military journey, to experience the frustration of training, the boredom of life at sea, the formality of the parade ground, the horrors of battle, the traumatic aftermath of war, and ultimately the desire for a meaningful peace. The collection also includes prayers of service families during times of conflict.