The thickness of a piece of paper in the length of a cathedral nave


The Ely Schools Days this year focussed on building a timeline of costumed children showing the story of the Cathedral from Etheldreda to now. “He’s got the whole world in his hands” was the theme song.

So in my talky bit I decided to extend the timeline back to the formation of the earth 4.5bn12095015_10153172058886938_6278415529642961574_o years ago. To Tardis sounds from the children, Canon Hargrave was “sent back in time” – to the far end of the cathedral – and posters were held up at suitable points to show how life evolved, until all the costumed timeline took its place alongside a single poster, into whose thickness their whole history easily fitted.

How amazing that the God who holds all that in his hands – and how amazing that he still holds each of us in his hand individually too.

If that means that the first time some the children learnt about deep history and some aspects of evolution was from a bishop in a cathedral – yes!