Responsibility without Authority

The Westcott Foundation is offering a study day ‘Responsibility without Authority’ on Saturday 5 March 2016, 10am-4pm, at Westcott House, Cambridge. This will be led by Michael Fass, who is himself an SSM. The cost is £35 (including lunch and refreshments), which can be claimed by prior application to the Director of Ministry.
SSMs, NSMs, voluntary and retired clergy often find themselves in positions of significant responsibility but without the authority of Office at a time when the number of full-time clergy is falling. These ministries can also involve the formation of Parish Teams and Groups with their attendant pressures on relationships. In addition, clergy may take on other pastoral work that involves, for example, ministries at work and in chaplaincies. We will explore the variety of roles that emerge and reflect on their theological implications.

 Although this session is primarily aimed at Self Supporting Ministers, Michael Fass is a very good speaker and this study day may be useful to Stipendiary Clergy who have an SSM Minister working with them.