Three of the best on science and faith, from Church House Bookshop–and David Wilkinson to visit Ely

New from Alister McGrath:
Inventing the Universe – Why we can’t stop talking about Science, Faith and God

Scientist and theologian Alister McGrath engages with the big questions – the origins of the universe, the burden of proof, the existence of God and our place in the universe.

Hardback  £20.00           Offer price £16.99 (until 31st October)

Ruth Bancewicz: God in the Lab – How Science Enhances Faith

What’s it like to be a scientist and a Christian? Working scientists share their stories of day-to-day life in the lab, thought-provoking discoveries and experiences of research enhancing their faith.

Paperback  £8.99

David Wilkinson: When I Pray What Does God Do?

Without settling for easy answers, David Wilkinson tackles our conceptions of what actually happens when we pray. Drawing on the Bible, scientific developments and personal experience, this is an interesting look at how and why God answers our prayers, and equally why prayers sometimes go unanswered.

Paperback  £8.99

David Wilkinson has kindly accepted my invitation to join us in the Diocese of Ely next year for an open evening meeting, and a seminar for ministers the next day. Date to follow.