Celts: Art and Identity–The Antiquaries Verdict

Don’t miss the British Museum’s new big show. Here’s what an Antiquary made of it to whet your appetite:

It’s distinguished by a lot of space to move around in, little text, and an unmatched display of beautiful things from prehistoric to modern. Critics liked it.
Martin Gayford, writing in The Spectator, thought the Gundestrup cauldron ‘marvellous – worth the ticket price on its own’. In The Telegraph, Mark Hudson (once he’d got over the opening, which ‘sound[ed] like an extract from some cringe-making, politically correct policy document’, and the ‘dirge-like racket’ of the ‘mood music that throbs away throughout’) judged it an example of what ‘the British Museum has always done very well: bringing together a stunning array of ancient artefacts.’ The Evening Standard called it a ‘show that fires the imagination, and The Guardian gave it 5 stars.
The first in a series of three programmes in The Celts: Blood, Iron and Sacrifice, presented by Alice Roberts and Neil Oliver (‘less a team than alternating shift workers,” says The Financial Times) will be broadcast on BBC2 on Monday October 4.

From the Society of Antiquaries of London Newsletter (SAL) available to all at http://us6.campaign-archive1.com/?u=5557bc147d34993782f185bde&id=905e58b2a6&e=3ce2ebccd2#mctoc7