Spirituality, Ecology and Death: Jesus the Mediator in Colossians 1

Science and Belief

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The thought that God might have visited our own planet in human form is so mind-blowing that most people react in one of two ways: either to reject it as nonsense, or to try and understand how it affects us. At the Scientists in Congregations conference in August, Grant Macaskill, Professor of New Testament at St Andrews University, spoke on a section of the Bible that is often used to think about how God relates to the world through his son, Jesus.

Colossians 1:15-23 describes Jesus as a mediator-figure. Using very grand language, this passage conveys the full reality of what Jesus claimed to be. Everything was created[i] through him and for him. He sustains the entire universe, keeping it in existence. He is God’s ultimate representative on earth, and the one to undo the effects of our fall from grace. He is the ultimate…

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