Nick Spencer reviews Peter Harrison’s book The Territories of Science and Religion

Nick Spencer’s review of Peter Harrison’s book The Territories of Science and Religion, and his interview with the author on what is science, what is religion, and why people think they clash, are online now via Theos. I read the book during my sabbatical and both and the review are pretty heavyweight, but sometimes big hammers are needed to knock stubborn nails on the head, and the nail of a necessary conflict between religion and science is one of them. Here’s a quote from the review:

Harrison’s purpose in this brilliant survey is clearly, therefore, not to pretend that there is or can be no conflict between ‘religion’ and ‘science’. Rather it is point to the fact that those categories are not self-evident, still less timeless, and that any conflict – or indeed any independence, dialogue or integration – between them will depend largely on how each of the territories is defined. His study ends towards the end of the 19th century but it is lesson we still need to hear today.

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