Some facts about immigration from New Scientist

  • Labour migration into Western Europe has been falling steadily since 2007
  • Although refugee numbers have been rising since the ‘Arab Spring’ of 2010, they are still lower than those of 1992 and the disintegration of Yugoslavia
  • Since 2000 UK immigrants have paid more into the government coffers than then have taken out in benefits (£5bn net 2000-2011)
  • And in the same period they were less likely than native Brits to be on benefits and no more likely to live in social housing
  • Non-Europeans living in the UK since 1995 brought £35bn of education with them
  • German state governments said recently that nevertheless “every euro we spend on training migrants is a euro to avoid a shortage of skilled labour”

NS also reports in passing on climate change as a trigger for the Syrian refugee crisis, not something that gets mentioned much. With that in mind, we have to see the present crisis as something of a dress rehearsal for much bigger migrations and, I fear, tragedies to come.