Legacy Church

2015-09-05 14.01.32

Back from Barnsley and visiting my dad, who wanted to do some shopping in town but struggles with his mobility these days. The town keeps changing of course – it was good to see the market stalls out in the shopping streets at least for the summer – and I noticed a new-to-me church, a branch of “Legacy Church”, which set me thinking as these things do. I’ve heard “my” sort of church described a that before, but not this sort – which is rather different from the Biretta Belt that I remember.

So – what is the legacy that we have received, and what sort of legacy do we hope to pass on? In one key, it’s the thought in many tiny congregations’ minds as they wonder and fear for the future. In another, it is at the heart of Fresh Expressions and church 2015-09-05 15.18.59planting. Either way, it’s good to remember that we are one link in a very long chain.

Back home at my dad’s we finally organised him into buying a new Office Book for saying morning and evening prayer. There is a venerability in a well-used copy, but his has lost all its cover and really needs to go to Prayer Book Heaven. That’s the sort of legacy I’m rather proud to have.