Science is the very antithesis of religious faith. Not.

Inventing the Universe: An evening with Alister McGrath – an LICC event


“Science is the very antithesis of religious faith.” With this quote Sam Harris sums up what many proponents of New Atheism would have us believe. The rise of this ultra-antagonistic anti-theist movement, which insists that science has essentially disproved not just God but also the value of religion, has certainly further agitated the historically-troubled relationship between science and faith.

Yet in wider society there is increasing scepticism towards Atheism’s often glib and superficial answers, and the big questions about faith, God and science haven’t just gone away. In fact, we seem to talk about them more than ever – articles and blogs, popular TV shows, Facebook threads and Twitter discussions, heated debates at the pub or during a work coffee break.

So what does it look like to be a fruitful disciple in these conversations? How can we engage intelligently, graciously and faithfully with questions about science and God?

At this event you’ll hear Professor Alister McGrath offer a framework for dialogue with all the big questions that Dawkins and others have raised – human origins, the burden of proof, meaning, the existence of God and our place in the universe – as well as share a little more of his own personal journey to faith. Then, after his talk, we’ll have a chance to get more specific: an extended Q&A time will give you the opportunity to ask Professor McGrath, one of the UK’s leading scientists and theologians, the questions that most intrigue, puzzle and challenge you – and those with whom you seek to share life and faith.

Professor McGrath will also be signing copies of his latest book, available for a special price at this event a week before its official public release. Positive, compelling and highly readable, it’s the thinking person’s introduction to the complex and intriguing relationship between science and faith.

DATE: Thursday 1 October, 2015
TIME: 6.30-8.30pm (Light refreshments will be served from 6pm)
COST: £8.00
LOCATION: LICC, St. Peter’s Vere Street, London W1G 0DQ

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Can’t make it to London? We’ll be live-streaming this event, so you could host your own group and engage with us on the night. You’ll also be able to ask Alister questions via social media, so you won’t miss out on the interactive element.