Ministry in Social Housing Estates

My first ten years as an incumbent were spent living on large Midlands “social housing” estate, so when I heard that there is now a National Estate Churches Conference which is “a tremendous energizer for these hard-pressed folk” I wanted to pass on the news.  This year there is so much interest that it will be repeated in two venues Leeds (21 October) and London (6 October), and the price kept really low to enable clergy and poorer parishioners to attend. For details of NECN Conferences “Sense & Sensitivity: taking care in Estate Mission” go to or text 07933 438304.

There is also now a book Blessed are the Poor? Urban poverty and the Church which is all about the theology of poor housing estates and ministry in those challenging places. Its author Bishop Laurie Green, who also chairs the Network, writes that, “It’s been well received thus far and is based on four years of research as I have travelled the UK listening to the stories and unpacking the theological implications.” For details of  see