Interview: Purpose and Pleasure – Exploring Addiction Science

This is a really interesting interview. Look out for sensible thinking on sorts of secularism, sense of purpose and the new subject of neuroethics.

Science and Belief Smith Smith

What is the interface between ideas of purpose of science, and in faith – or life in general? This was one of the main topics of conversation during my interview with Alan Gijsbers. I wanted to find out whether medical professionals have a similar sense of wonder or spirituality to some laboratory scientists. Although the challenges are very different in medicine, I found that Alan shared the same combination of curiosity, questioning, and connection with deeper issues that is so important for many other researchers.

Dr Alan Gijsbers Dr Alan Gijsbers

What do you do?

I’m a physician in addiction medicine, which means I deal with people who have got a problem with alcohol and/or other drugs. I work at the Royal Melbourne Hospital in Australia, where I also teach medical students. In all our conversations I try to create a seamless interface between our different faith commitments and the people…

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