News from Theos

Some snippets from the Theos September newsletter. See the whole thing here.

Who wants a Christian Coronation?

Should the next coronation be Christian, or multifaith, or secular? That is the question tackled in the forthcoming Theos report, which has commissioned ComRes to find out precisely what the British public wants. Click here for more details.

Capital in the 21st Century

Thomas Piketty’s macroeconomic tome took the world by surprise and storm in 2014, making a powerful case about growing inequality and the need for redistributive taxes. Read Nick Spencer’s review.


The Problem of Proselytism

Can religious groups combine proselytism and public service? Watch out for Paul Bickley’s report to be published this autumn.



Event: Faith, Wisdom and Science

What’s wrong with the present “science and religion” debate? Come along to Theos on 26th November where Tom McLeish will be speaking. General admission £7. Register here.