Being the best you can be

Paula VennellsFascinating interview in the Indie with Paula Vennells, CEO of the Post Office and C of E minister in Bedfordshire. What she has to say about her day job is very interesting – things to learn here about the “business” side of the church too – as are her thoughts on how her faith and work fit together:

“My faith does not write the strategy. What my faith does is motivate me around how I deliver it. There is something around Christianity about being the best you can possibly be. If you can get everyone to work in that way you are bound to do your best for the organisation. It doesn’t mean to say you don’t take tough decisions.”


One thought on “Being the best you can be

  1. Another rather appropriate quote for the church from this article: “You cannot sit here and feel a victim.” A victim of Sunday trading (however much I dislike it), a victim of Sunday sports, a victim of Sunday fairs, a victim of Sunday whatever…

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