What do Bishops do on Bank Holiday Weekends then?


The same as everyone else, of course: in my case, Cleaning the Patio. Except in my case, this being a Bishop’s House and all that, the patio has about 800 paving slabs. And for some reason I forget we weren’t around for the last two years to clean it. Ouch.

The before-and-after is pretty striking. We’re getting back into the entertaining groove, and guests are advised to bring sunglasses until the natural flora and fauna take over again.

You can’t hurry a pressure washer when it needs to be applied on max 6 inches from the surface to shift the slime, so it gives you plenty of time think. Or write a sermon or two in your head if you’re a bish. Like how you, like everyone else I expect, need a pretty thorough power wash by the Almighty to shift the accumulation of muck, mould and debris. We call it baptism.

Perhaps next time I process down the Cathedral reminding people of their baptism I should take the pressure washer instead of a bowl of water …


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