Update: the Mental and Material Laboratory of 13th Century Science

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The mental and material laboratory of 13th century science: an update from Clive

Carol Harrison, Lady Margaret Professor of Divinity, Christ Church
Clive Siviour, Engineering Science, Pembroke College
Hannah Smithson, Experimental Psychology, Pembroke College
Giles Gasper, Department of History, Durham University

P1020639IMG_4635The overwhelming misconception of modern science graduates is that prior to the development of the scientific method during the 16th century, natural philosophy was dominated by dogma, religious authority and superstition. On the other hand, Crombie [1] has made the bold and widely propagated claim that the father of western experimental science was Robert Grosseteste, who in the 13th century wrote magnificent works on topics including light, colour, the rainbow, sound and the movement of the celestial spheres, describing an ambitious framework for understanding natural phenomena using all the resources available to him [2]. In this project we will seek a deeper appreciation of 13th

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