Theos resources for religion and society

Theos continues to produce good resources to help us engage with the society of which we are part in a more informed and gracious way. Here’s their August Newsletter (below the fold):

You will have noticed heated debates taking place recently about what role religion can legitimately play in our 21st century society.

Tim Farron faced a grilling about how his faith guides his new job as Liberal Democrat party leader(click here to read our blog on this) and David Cameron unveiled Britain’s plan to tackle extremism.

We’re here to make these debates more informed and more gracious, advocating for a society in which people of faith are free to take part in our common life, actively serving the common good.

We have lots of new content for you – we hope you feel equipped, inspired and encouraged by it!

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Blog: Recommended Reads

This month covers Secularism at university, the Living Wage, NHS chaplains, the Greek crisis, Religious Freedom and Tim Farron!

Forthcoming Events

Save the date for a public debate on Christianity and Humanism this October at King’s College London, and book your ticketfor Tobias Jones on Christian Community.

Interview: God & Thatcher

Nick Spencer interviews Eliza Filby on her recent book ‘God and Mrs Thatcher: The Battle for Britain’s Soul’.

Are Politicians Doing God?

What percentage of MPs do you think are religious? Click here to let us know and you might win a Theos report. 

Influence the Public Debate

Join the Friends Programme and receive all our upcoming reports and invites to our events before they are open to public.

The programme is designed specifically for you to be engaged in the current debate. Click here to find out how you can be heard.

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The Next Coronation

What does it mean to have a religious coronation, and is it time for a change? What does the British public think? Look out for our forthcoming research!

The Lure of Technocracy

Ben Ryan reviews a new essay collection from Jurgen Habermas on Europe, democracy and solidarity.

Just Surveillance?

A necessary evil? Maddy Fry looks at howJust War Theory might help us navigate the data minefield.