John 17 @synod (#synod)

  Archbishop Sentamu in his Presidential Address @synod begins by speaking movingly of the murder of Archbishop Luwum but also the witness of forgiveness by his family – and returns to John 17 which was theme text of the Archbishop of Sweden as well (#holyspirit at work in archbishops!). In Christ we can “be overcomers”.

And I reflect that the Johannine discourses of Jesus in and after the Upper Room become more and more important as we re-deepen our roots in Christ. We take our name from him. We see God’s glory in him. We delight and find joy in him. We are transfigured in him. We are given eternal life in him. We are overcomers in him.

Naming him is and always will be a challenge to us and to those to whom we speak. It is so much easier to simply speak of God. But it is Jesus that is offered to us and all humanity, “not to start a new religion but to offer to every human being a communion in God” (Brother Roger of Taize). Banging on about Jesus too much, too soon may well be a put-off in mission, and be done in a way whose manner denies its message of love. But unless it is to Christ that the way we offer leads, we are lost. As Sentamu finished, we are to share his life, know his name, have his word and share his glory. “O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together.”