Summer Reading Party with Henri Nouwen

Here’s a good idea! The Henri Nouwen Society invite you to be part of an online community this summer reading Finding My Way Home in the company of a facilitator, Ray Glennon, and other participants in a group blog.

How does it work? On Sunday June 28, the facilitator, Ray Glennon will introduce himself on the blog and invite you to do the same. Ray will post reflection questions on the blog each Sunday through to August 2nd in keeping with a reading schedule also posted on the blog. There is no need to register or sign-in. For more information and to participate, go to: Read, reflect, share your thoughts – participate at your own pace and in whatever way is most meaningful for you.

Finding My Way Home is a collection of four short essays, three previously published by Crossroad Publishing and here revised, that looks at different aspects of our spiritual life: The Path of Power, The Path of Peace, The Path of Waiting, and The Path of Living and Dying.

P.S. There’s a methodology here that you could borrow for a virtual reading party in your own neck of the woods.