Margery Kempe Discovery

Sebastian Sobecki:has discovered a letter in the Gdańsk archives prepared for Margery Kempe’s son. The letter (Gdańsk, Archiwum Państwowe, APG 300, 27/3, fol. 12r.) reveals the son’s first name and gives the reason for his 1431 visit to Lynn. More importantly, the discovery confirms the historicity of The Book of Margery Kempe and strengthens the argument for Kempe’s (female) authorship as opposed to that of the priest who took her dictation. Sebastian first announced his discovery at NCS in Reykjavik and will give a paper on this topic at EBS this summer. The full version will be published as ‘“The writyng of this tretys:” Margery Kempe’s Son and the Authorship of Her Book’ in this year’s Studies in the Age of Chaucer.