Theology in the Context of Science

One of aims during my study leave is to become more confident in using video to communicate. This is a quick experiment in using the camera and app built into my PC laptop, uploading the unedited footage to my YouTube channel, and then using a converter to create some code I can embed into WordPress so it appears in the blog. Maybe. I’m also playing with Instagram and Periscope, and using the camera on my iPhone to record video (which is the simplest, as long as it’s not of me – or do I need a little stand for it to use with the front-facing camera?) How do you create simple short films to help get a point across or share an experience – and would they be useful in your context as well as or instead of word-based communications?


5 thoughts on “Theology in the Context of Science

  1. Thanks Alan. The points you make about outside recording are very helpful. In this present clip I was speaking without notes and trying to look at the camera, but I need to train myself to do that consistently and intently…

  2. Is one of the key elements to keep the video message short? Be yourself! I found recording outside made for a more ‘genuine’ recording – rather than a scripted text in front of the webcam in my office.

    • Thanks David. Does the outdoor option need a second person and extra kit? I suppose a phone, selfie stick and plug-in mic on a long lead might work?

      • One of the problems recording outside is the extraneous noise, and to minimize that your equipment needs to be of a higher order than what you are discussing.

        Personally, I found your presentation fine, but you might want to put your script above the screen, or to one side, so that you are actually looking into the camera and therefore at your audience. One of the (few, alas!) things that remain with me from a course at CTVC many years ago is that somebody who continually looks down/doesn’t make eye contact comes over as shifty on screen.

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