Sofas ahoy

2015-04-09 13.08.01

Before Suffolk, I was running a little public engagement project called Ten Sofas (with a lot of help from my friends). Fond memories! We still have some of the sofas, but their Basic Black can’t compete with this permanent installation at Bishop Grosseteste Univ in Lincoln.

Now what do you think, dear Readers? Should the sofas come out again, or is time to have a New Idea (I like new ideas…) and if so what? One thing’s for sure, we still need to be working hard to build public engagement with both social issues and matters of faith.


One thought on “Sofas ahoy

  1. I’d bring back the sofas! They have been out of the public eye for long enough to become a novelty again, and there are parts of the Diocese where, if I remember rightly, they never appeared.

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