Science and Religion: What are your questions?

Q Mark

Here’s a question: what in science interests, concerns or puzzles you as a person of faith? A well-known writer on the subject encouraged me wonder what might be helpful  for the “person in the pulpit or pew”. And the best way to find out that is – to ask! Over to you…

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2 thoughts on “Science and Religion: What are your questions?

  1. Does the lack of determinism in quantum mechanics allow for the possibility of choice? If so, how can the human process of making a decision affect the outcome of a “measurement”, in the sense of quantum physics?

  2. I have been struggling with this question for a long time. If God knows everything, including the future and everything that will happen, doesn’t that make free will impossible? And would that mean that we live in a deterministic universe, where our actions and choices are purely the result of stimulus and other things (a butterfly flapping its wings on the other side of the planet, slightly changing the weather, making a raindrop splash into your eye and putting you into a bad mood… Etc)?

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