A Baker’s Dozen of Top iPad Games


Here’s a new contender for my Top Ten iPad games, which are a fairly eclectic selection, and this one – Oquonie – is frankly bizarre. Folk who tried to make a walk through of it more or less said it wasn’t possible, as there was no one way to go, and no clear idea what the end was… But as a post-Easter de-stressor it’s a winner (and only 79p to boot). 

So here in no particular order are 13 of best according to me, mostly puzzle-based:

  1. Oquonie
  2. Monument Valley
  3. Device 6
  4. The Room (and The Room Two)
  5. The Silent Age
  6. World of Goo
  7. Year Walk
  8. Machinarium
  9. Botanicula
  10. The Tiny Bang Story
  11. Lume
  12. Unmechanical
  13. Storm in a Teacup