A Big Thankyou

Well, that was some week that was. A massively moving service on Maundy Thursday with so many ministers from the diocese. Lots of time to be still in the Cathedral on Good Friday and be confronted by the Cross. A colossal Confirmation with the all the Easter Ceremonies on Saturday night, that will stay in the memories of the 45 candidates for ever. And then the joy of the Easter morning Eucharist with a packed Cathedral once again, and finally a farewell at Evensong in the afternoon with many of our new Suffolk friends making the extra effort to be there. Thankyou! And thankyou too for the wonderful presents. Flowers for Jean and a very special pair of cufflinks for me, hand-made and picking up the rose design from the Cathedral tower, with episcopal amethysts set in them. I wear cufflinks a lot and have a small collection of ones from different places I've been, and these will take pride of place in it. A very generous cheque was there too, part of which is already earmarked to replace Jean's laptop which gave up the ghost last week after 18 months of to-ing and fro-ing. There were lots of gifts from individuals too and to everyone we just want to say again: Thankyou. You've been great friends to us, and though my bishopping will now be over the border in those alien lands of Cambridgeshire and Norfolk, I hope we can still retain our visas and continue to share a chat and a glass of something relaxing when we bump into each other as friends in Christ still.



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  1. Thank YOU. Your gentle and inspiring pastoring has been a blessing to us all in Suffolk. You will be missed.

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