Palm Sunday Procession: Melton and Ufford


It has to be said that the weather wasn’t on our side, but a hardy band of pilgrims gathered at St Andrew’s, Melton this morning to wend their way past Melton Old Church with some suitable shouts of Hosanna to St Mary’s, Ufford where they joined a full congregation for the Reading of the Passion and Holy Communion. Jean and I were very warmly welcomed and had a great time. Ufford has a High Church tradition so there were plenty of smells and bells, and the church itself boasts a very rich collection of surviving mediaeval artefacts and midern introductions. Here are just  three to whet your appetite: the rare don’t cover with it’s still-working rise-and-fall mechanism, one of the carved bench ends, and a fragment of glass showing an angel dressed in the feathered suit an actor would have worn when portraying one in the mystery plays. All fifteenth century I think.